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Funding for NaukaNet provided by the US National Science Foundation and the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation. Telecommunications services are provided by Teleglobe.

This NaukaNet web site is available at two locations, in US and Russia:

Updated: 2002-07-14

NaukaNet is Growing!

The NaukaNet network (formerly FASTnet) is in process of being upgraded to a 155 Mbps service between Starlight in Chicago and Moscow. Due to the unexpected financial collapse of the previous telecommunications carrier, Teleglobe, the previous 45 Mbps network ceased operation on June 1, 2002. The NaukaNet team has been working since that time on a new and much improved network service. Telia is the new carrier and should have the new circuit operational by July 20, 2002.

The graphics below point to PDF files which clearly show the growth in network usage over the past several months. The new NaukaNet network should have capacity sufficient to carry the program at least through the end of December, 2002 with no network congestion.

NaukaNet is a joint US-Russian project to provide next generation Internet services to collaborating US-Russian scientists and educators.

Its goals include assisting meritorious scientific collaborations requiring advanced, high performance Internet services; connecting the Russian next generation Internet network to the US vBNS and other next generation networks in the US and elsewhere; and, more broadly, encouraging and supporting productive cooperation between the US and Russian scientific communities.

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The map at left shows current traffic flows across NaukaNet. Triangles show source of traffic; inverted trianges indicate destination. Sites connected by arcs are the heavist current consumers. Colors indicate network protocols and are described in the key below.

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