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“Brett’s bellow punctuated the music at one point. When I gazed toward the noise, apparently he’d snapped at one of the misbehaving babies… They all sat on the ground near the food tables—
which was where the ogres usually headed straight after any wedding. From where I stood, it looked like one of the babies had upturned his plate. Hopefully he and Bella wouldn’t have second
thoughts about adopting them.

Hazel swept past Derek and me, leading a rather lively dance with her twelve-year-old brother. I gazed over at the piano. Caleb had joined Rose in playing a duet.
“Oh, look. Theon’s brought Penelope,” Derek remarked.
I followed his gaze and, indeed, there she was. Her long dark hair hung over one shoulder, in a flowing green gown Queen Penelope Aena looked as regal as ever. Her face broke out in a smile as
our eyes met. She stood with Theon, and Theon’s brother Altair, who had also brought his ice dragon wife Merulina along. Lethe was behind them, holding hands with his pretty human wife,
We moved to greet our latest arrivals, and by the time we’d returned to the dance, it was more packed than ever. Aisha, and her protruding stomach bump, whirled near us with her husband
Horatio, while Anna and Kyle were lost in a world of their own behind us.
Weddings really were the best way to unwind. The stress of the last few months ebbed away as I rested my head against Derek’s shoulder. So surrounded by everyone I loved and held dear, I
felt full. Content. At peace with the world.

Even when I thought of our future now—like resuming our mission after our allotted three days were up—it was no longer with dread or fear. There was uncertainty, yes, because we were sailing
completely new and uncharted waters. And of course, there would be obstacles. But I’d never felt so optimistic about the time that was to come. I was excited. More excited than I’d ever been. I
couldn’t wait to witness how everything would play out under TSL’s new management, where supernaturals, for the first time in history, would become a mass force for good, rather than trouble.
Working with us to root out evil, rather than cause it.
I suspected that this next stretch of the crazy journey that was Derek’s and my life would be the most thrilling, rewarding and fulfilling so far.
The rest of the evening passed in a high of music, dance and laughter. Once it was time to cut the cake, Derek and I moved over to the food tables along with the rest of the crowd, but we
stopped halfway. The phone in Derek’s pocket went off. As he pulled it out and glanced down at the screen, a wry smile instantly curved his lips.
“It’s Fowler,” he said. “Finally.” Gripping my hand, he led me away from the crowd and the noise, further along the empty beach. We stopped by the water, where he answered the call, putting it
on loudspeaker.
His blue eyes were on me as he said, “Fowler?”
There was a pause before the man replied in a resigned tone, “Yes, Novak, it’s me.”
“About time,” Derek replied tersely.
Another pause.

“I suppose I, uh, owe you an apology,” Fowler said.
“Yes,” Derek said, his dark brows rising. “I suppose you do.”
“Well, you have it, Novak.” As Fowler cleared his throat, there came another beat of silence. “I’ve been appointed your official point of contact again now that you’re back on the job.”
“Well, Fowler,” my husband replied, “in case you didn’t notice, I and my people were never actually off the job. Your ‘firing’ me didn’t have even the smallest effect on our activities…
Because one can’t simply fire a Novak.”
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